Cosmic Overlays

by rRoxymore

Since a while, I wanted to try out some slow beats with more atmospheric pads and arpeggios, so the Aimi experience was the perfect opportunity for this. All the loops are at 97 bpm and I guess and hope that it stays very close to my sound palette with layers of colourful hypnotic sounds.


Whether on stage, on record or deep in the collaborative process, the musical lexicon of rRoxymore develops with frequency and pace. As respected for her esoteric, offbeat club records as her semi-improvised live performances, the sheer expansiveness at the heart of rRoxymore’s work has marked her as a vital artist on the fringes of contemporary club culture. rRoxymore’s sound may radically evolve, yet her principles as an artist remain rooted in experimentation, community and a committed social consciousness. This integral approach is shot through every aspect of her work: from the bands and DJ booths of her youth, to her longstanding residency with the progressively influential Berlin collective Room 4 Resistance, to projects in tandem with with some of the most provocative artists from the wider sphere of alternative and queer culture. The most recent of rRoxymore’s accolades include her 2019 debut album, Face to Phase, which was highly acclaimed by Pitchfork and Resident Advisor, her premiere live performances for leading-edge festivals Atonal in Berlin and Festival Musica in Strasbourg, and original productions curated by SOS MUSIC, On Loop and Tresor’s 30th anniversary compilation. Further commissioned projects in development for 2021 include collaborations with Austrian choreographer Ian Kaler, a musical movement for two dancers by Swedens’ Stina Nyberg, and a remix of E-Dancer's "Human Bond" on Drumcode Records rRoxymore’s name first crossed the lips of record collectors with ‘Wheel of Fortune’ in 2012; as the accompaniment to Planningtorock’s ‘Patriarchy Over & Out’ it was an assured and audacious 9+ minute debut that proved as distinctive for DJs to blend as it was addicting for dancefloors to pulsate in. Further crossovers with Planningtorock occurred alongside Aquarian Jugs, Jaguar Woman and The Knife’s Olaf Dreijer, under his Oni Ayhun pseudonym, producing collectively as Decon/Recon. In the years since, rRoxymore has found a home as a solo artist on UK label Don’t Be Afraid, a noted outlet for idiosyncratic records that capture dance music’s euphoric history and complex future. Beginning with the ‘Organ Smith’ EP, each subsequent rRoxymore release has carved out its own unique time and space, whether embracing bracing and buoyant melodies, or burrowing down deep into wide-reaching influences and heady studio practices. rRoxymore has contributed seismic cuts to the vinyl sampler of Fiedel’s relentless ‘Berghain 08’ compilation, and the frenetic stepper ‘bBRINGTHEbRAVE’ for Bristol’s forward-thinking Timedance imprint. Her remix honours have taken shape in inventive ways, crafting reworks for SHHE and BNJMN, and landing on releases for Delsin records and Strut. An ever-generative sense for contrasting textures and intriguing, one-off blends runs through rRoxymore’s freewheeling DJ sets, which have taken her to some of the world’s best-respected clubs, including Berghain, Concrete, De School, Fabric and MOMA’s PS1 series, as well as electronic and experimental music festivals like Unsound, Mira, Nuits Sonores, Dimensions, Mutek and Freerotation. rRoxymore’s live sets incorporate an ever-evolving carousel of concepts, blending established rhythms with sketches and improvisations transported from her head to an increasingly bewildering array of analogue gear. Far from the distilled nature of many live sets, rRoxymore’s raw performances allow dancers to connect with her music in a truly physical, soulful sense. Pushing forward to larger and more diverse audiences with her music, yet possessed of the clarity of vision and humble urge to experiment, rRoxymore continues to be defined only as an artist who exists outside of common boundaries.

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