Effortless listening

Like a playlist, but better. Aimi experiences take you on a continuous listening journey that’s as easy as pressing play. Listening to music has never been easier.

Free to listen

Aimi’s experiences were created by in-house artists. Listen to anything you want for as long as you want–it’s all free. We believe in making music for everyone.

Plays continuously

Once you press play, the music doesn’t stop (until you tell it to). The music you listen to is created on the fly so it doesn’t repeat and always delights.


We love music. We don’t love commercials. So all the music you hear on aimi.fm is made available to you commercial-free.


A journey into the sound of South Africa...

112 BPM

Activate a state of calm and relaxation....

64 BPM

Sometimes life is better without distrac...

80 BPM

Lounge is a sense of place. A sense of e...

120 BPM

When the days are long and the stress is...

100 BPM

House. It’s a music genre that continues...

124 BPM

When you need to max out, experience Pus...

128 BPM

Higher-tempo deep tribal house sounds. A...

120 BPM

Lush synths and ambient pads combine wit...

90 BPM

Rooted in the sound of classic New York ...

124 BPM

These experiences were created by Aimi’s in-house producers using Aimi Studio. Thousands of musical ideas are mixed, mastered, and produced in real time by Aimi.

Aimi Experiences are royalty cleared as a registered user, you are welcome to use any of Aimi’s experiences for live music. We do on license the recording or resale of Aimi’s music. If you use Aimi for your music, we do ask that you visibly credit us with the following text "mixed with love by aimi - experience more at aimi.fm".

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