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For the first time ever, music is finally interactive. With Aimi, listeners become creators, as anyone can personalize what they hear, changing the music and making it theirs.

Effortless listening

No more digging through complicated libraries or creating time-intensive playlists. With Aimi, just press play and you’ll hear the perfect soundtrack for whatever you need.

Free to listen

Listen to anything you want for as long as you want-it’s all free.

Plays continuously

Once you press play, the music doesn’t stop (until you tell it to). Don’t worry about repeats, as Aimi will keep generating brand new music forever.


No commercials. Ever.

Effortless listening for when you’re

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Make music yours

Experience music interactively - sign up to join beta

Become a creator

Engage your fans like never before

“What really grabbed me was how Aimi was able to reimagine musical elements in a way not even I would’ve thought of on my own, but also how it seemed to tap into my thought processes and rearrange elements in my own style too. There was a healthy balance of both innovation and imitation.”

- “Otik”

“The feeling of having your ingredients and parts of songs mixed together in unexpected ways is truly exhilarating, and add to that, that it’s slightly different each time, this really blew my mind.”

- “Portable”

“I thought it was incredible. I am a tech geek and for me it’s another way of improvising sounds and beats… which is how I make music. It gives combinations I would never even think of… its really exciting. It exceeded my expectations.”

- “Elkka”

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