Aimi Music Services

Welcome to Music as a Service, supporting seamless integration of high-quality, royalty-free music into any product, platform, or service.

Aimi Music Services is a revolutionary new platform that generates high-quality, genre‑diverse music on demand that is 100% copyright and royalty‑free.


  • Royalty & Copyright Free

    Unleashing creative freedom with music that’s free to use as needed.

  • Adaptive

    Offering real-time adaptability to inputs.

  • Versatile

    Operating seamlessly on clients, cloud, and in offline environments.

  • On Demand

    Crafting hyper-customized music on demand.

  • Production Quality

    Lowering creative barriers without sacrificing quality.


Create professional grade, royalty and copyright-free music on demand.


On-demand, royalty-free, generative music accessible by API.

Live Streams

Access continuous generative music streams for your business in multiple genres via standard internet audio protocol.

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