Aimi’s Interactive

Music Player

Take your music experience to the next level. Don’t just listen to music. Interact with it.

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The Aimi Interactive Music Player

Aimi’s interactive music player makes interactive music fun and accessible. Making music yours has never been so easy.




Don’t just listen to music. Be part of it. Like what you hear? Use thumbs up and Aimi will learn your tastes. Want to shake things up? Tap on shuffle and Aimi will create a new mix on the fly.




Interact with music as it plays. Separate individual elements of the music experience and alter them in real-time. Turn them up or down. Remove sounds or add new ones in. Personalize it as you like.




Ever wonder how producers think about music production? Now you can watch it unfold in real-time. Know what direction you want your music experience to go next? You can guide Aimi to create a journey for you.




Higher-level controls let you change the shape of the music you are listening to. From how quickly Aimi explores different combinations of musical ideas to the intensity of the music, every experience is yours to shape.

“This app is great! It’s perfect for listening to while I work and I love that I can just press play and not think about it.”

- “momo_ess”

“I can’t even express those feelings and a massive dose of happiness when I found this app.”

- “lebensdesigner”

“This app is exactly what I was looking for!”

- “__Skyper”

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