The future of music

is interactive

The future of music is Aimi



Aimi is a generative music platform that is fundamentally changing the way music is created and experienced.

Aimi’s interactive music experiences allow fans to interact with music at the composition level, turning each experience into a personalized journey.



Aimi is for everyone—the fan who listens to music throughout the day, producers who want to unleash the potential of their musical ideas, and the new generation of creators who will use Aimi’s technology to create interactive listening experiences.



Since music entered the digital age, creators and fans alike have been searching for ways to move beyond recorded content.

The desire to lose ourselves in personalized music without the repetition of tracks or playlists is now possible with Aimi.



Technology should remove obstacles and free us to create, inspire and connect. Aimi’s groundbreaking generative music technology combines creator and algorithm, pushing the boundaries of what is possible, setting the stage for a new era of experiential music.

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“I was so shocked and blown away. I heard the tracks that I had made in different ways. I was like that sounds way better than the track I made before! But it’s all my own creations… I was like I didn’t make this… oh my god I did make this!”

- “DJ Boring”

“I’ve approached this experience writing music without thinking about the AI process to follow my part of the work as I wanted to see where this could lead to. And I’m so impressed by how much I’m learning about my melodic and harmonic habits, Aimi is taking my writings somewhere else. And this keeps me hooked to the always-changing listening session.”

- “Marco Passarani”

“The Aimi experience is amazing, to listen to my sounds in a way where the style is the same but the music is randomly placed together to create a beautiful journey.”

- “Roska”

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