The Future Of Music

Generative Music For Music Lovers

Aimi’s generative music platform is built on the fundamental thesis that the art of music can be elevated with the science of technology. We believe music is an innately human experience so we’ve built our platform to make music more accessible and rewarding to everyone. x SXSW Closing Event

Generative Music Is For Everyone

It’s for the music lover who wants to listen to music effortlessly, top producers around the world, and the new generation of creators who will use Aimi's technology to create interactive listening experiences - Aimi’s generative music platform opens new possibilities for making music, interacting with music, and sharing expertise and artistry. Theater

How Our Generative Music Works

We use AI to turn sonic elements into beautiful music. Our ecosystem of technologies and products makes listening to music and making music accessible, interactive, and collaborative. From top producers around the world to aspiring creators with no background in music, Aimi is ushering in the era of generative music for everyone. Studio (alpha) Demo

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