About Us - We push the boundaries in electronic music | Aimi

一 Reimagine

We're on a mission to reimagine humanity's relationship with music.
Since music entered the digital age, music lovers have been searching for ways to move beyond recorded content. The desire to lose ourselves in music without the repetition of tracks or playlists had never been possible before Aimi. Using a combination of AI and musical ideas from artists, Aimi creates continuous music-scapes that engage and immerse.

一 Inspire

Technology should serve and inspire us.
Technology should remove obstacles and free us to create, inspire and connect. Aimi's groundbreaking technology combines artist and AI, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in electronic music — setting the stage for a new era of experiential music.

一 Immerse

Immersive experiences that touch your senses in ways you never expected.
Aimi creates music-scapes that immerse you in continuous sound and visuals, taking you on a journey that engages you in ways a song or playlist can’t. Each experience is unique, filled with visuals and music that transports your senses to a new reality. Come take a journey with us.