Joseph Ashworth

Joseph Ashworth



by Joseph Ashworth

Bringing his experimental and melodic take on electronic music to Aimi, further pushing the boundaries of creative possibility


Joseph Ashworth is a musician, producer and composer who has never been interested in getting comfortable and repeating himself. A regular month will see him working on diverse projects, from intricate sound design, DJing at a world-renowned night club, to spending hours experimenting on new sounds and techniques in the studio. This rich tapestry of experience, gained over the past 15 years has all influenced Joseph’s current musical output, which can by defined by its high production quality and unique musicality and sonic texture. 2019 was a year where Joseph’s music took a turn to the left field, combining a darker edge and catching the attention of DJ Tennis. Trooper EP on Life and Death followed, championed by the likes of Sven Vath and Adriatique. An undeniable stand-out EP, it has come to cement Joseph’s position as a unique talent at the top of his game. 2020 will see this trend continue, with Breathe EP on Moscoman’s Disco Halal. The title track Breathe featuring vocals from Vanity Fairy draws from ambient electronica, shoegazee and drone, and provides a stark contrast to Alternator, which is an undeniable ‘dancefloor’ banger. Joseph’s extensive touring of Asia and the U.S. has seen his DJ style develop to become a perfect representation of his studio sound, showcasing the best of his unreleased and upcoming material. The year ahead is set to take him further afield than ever, as he delves even deeper into this new, unexplored palette of sounds.

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