Christopher Coe

Christopher Coe


The Mountains Can Move

by Christopher Coe

This is deep, rumbling, generative techno.


Dissecting time, pulling apart rhythmic structures and building them up again unexpectedly, Coe's aesthetic is one of chaos and decay underpinned by the deep relentless throb of the ever present kick drum. Coe’s early Digital Primate techno releases through respected underground labels Pro-Jex and Bush in the early 2000's set him apart as an important producer. Over the years Coe has collaborated with artists as diverse as Mad Professor, Carl Cox, Zbigniew Karkowski and Stelarc. He has always put art before commerce. In 2014 he took up residence in Amsterdam where he created and ran the Beatport Amsterdam Studios and worked as a producer alongside the many artists that come through. It was here that he first met rising star Reinier Zonneveld and collaborated with him to create some slamming techno. He engineered an album with Marshall Jefferson and the now sadly departed Sleezy D. He coached many young up and coming producers on a daily basis and worked to develop his own skills as a producer of note. In mid 2016 Christopher Coe moved back to the west of Ireland where he focused for 6 months on creating and producing his last album “MNTNS of SLNC”. A deep, emotional techno work inspired entirely by the mountainous landscape of his original homeland, Coe felt it was time to bring this sound alive by setting aside his DJ career to focus entirely on performing live. It was this decision that inspired Carl Cox to ask Coe to move back to Australia, build a studio for him and to collaborate on a new label together that focuses entirely on supporting and releasing the music of live electronic artists. Since then Coe has worked with Carl as co-producer in his studio, and built the label Awesome Soundwave from this base. In 2019 Christopher realised his dream of presenting a stunning audio-visual show featuring footage from his adventures climbing the mountains of the West of Ireland. In collaboration with animator and visual designer Roy Gerritsen and film makers Paul Meehan, Mick McLaughlin and Damien O’Malley, Coe created his MNTNS of SLNC live A/V show and presented it to a rapturous audience on 50 metre screens at Creamfields festival in the UK. In the last year Coe has performed live around the world, from Creamfields UK to Fabrik Madrid, to the huge Amsterdam Dance Event for Awakenings. Carl and Christopher also presented an Awesome Soundwave showcase event to a sold out warehouse audience of over 3000 punters at this year’s ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event). It was the first time an event like this featured exclusively live acts on the main stage and was produced and promoted by the legendary Awakenings event promoters. Even Carl played a hybrid live set! Most recently Coe has been experimenting with playing extremely long and totally improvised live sets, his last live show, at Festival No. 23, in Australia, ran for a total of 7 hours non stop, and the crowd stayed with him, loving the journey.. He has recently been streaming live ambient sets leading into techno and running them for 8- 10 hours.. Blah blah blah blah... Basically, Christopher Coe loves techno and plays it live. Need we say any more?

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