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AI music app AiMi lets you set the tempo and mood of endless playlists

AI-powered music app AiMi is launching a major update with a new interface that features six endless eletronica mixes.. 

AiMi app uses AI to provide adaptive electronic music

Aimed at electronic music fans, a new app called AiMi is using AI technology to turn existing tracks from artists into adaptive experiences for ...

Apple, Spotify, Or Amazon Should Buy This AI-Generated Music Startup ASAP is a new music app that mixes generative AI and flesh-and-blood human artists' beats to create really, really good electronica. It learns ...

Interview: AiMi’s Edward Balassanian On Artificial Intelligence Making Its Musical Debut

Would you let artificial intelligence control the music you listened to? What if it could anticipate what you wanted to hear, adapt to your energy, and do both using real beats by real artists? 

AiMi Launches World's First, Artist Powered AI Music App

AiMi today announced availability of the first music app that uses artificial intelligence combined with content from leading artists to create adaptive music experiences for electronic music fans. Under development for over a year by a team of world class AI scientists and musicians, AiMi breaks new ground in the application of AI in generative music.


Passion Flower uses AiMi's cutting edge AI-powered technology to tailor the perfect visual and audio experience for its audience.

Burning Man-born DJing art car blossoms in Austin